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smithjamess221 created a new Press Release.
Is solar paneling a good investment?
The answer to this question is yes, if you want your home or office space generating more power than what typically comes from an electric company.
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  •   jessicaallen33 - Yes as it reduces dependence on fossil fuels which is the manor cause of harmful gases in environment.
  •   jenniferramirez3232 - Power plants converts heat into electricity and thus, emit higher amount of CO2 and causes heavy air pollution in populated areas.
  •   George851 - I’ve also read about it. Visit “borates today” to learn about it.
  •   davidgarcia27 - Installing solar panels will help by generating clean energy with zero emissions of harmful gases. And any excess energy that is not used in your home can be sold to the grid for extra cash.
  •   Anderson_Mark2248 - You said it right. Solar panels are a good investment but they cannot be used at night.