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Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals can be a life-saving solution for those who suffer from malnutrition. The most important benefit they offer is better cognitive development, higher energy levels, more immunity against illnesses such as infectious diseases or cancer due to their role in building resistance cells which fight off infection by bacteria/virus particles when you eat them with your adaptive immune system.
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  •   George851 - Boron is one of most important micronutrients that is used for various functions like, transportation, germination, flower and fruit production etc. Borates today has a detailed article on this.
  •   davidgarcia27 - These micronutrients are consumed through fruits and vegetables by humans while plants need them in soil, roots for their healthy growth.
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  •   Campbell_Carol - Micronutrients are the chemicals in food that people need to stay healthy. The sad reality is that about two billion people worldwide are said to be suffering from micronutrient deficiencies.