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Scientists are finding new ways to convert Boron into an energy carrier. This element has a low toxicity level, so it’s safe for humans to touch and its conversion process includes two steps: first heating up water with calcium oxide until it evaporates completely; then after boiling off all the liquid you get white crystalline material that still hasn't lost any weight from what was gained during evaporation--indicative of how useful this strange substance could be in storing our excess electrical energies.
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  •   smithjamess221 - Replacing some of the nation’s current fleet of cars with electric vehicles powered by boron-driven fuel cells could also cut down on air pollution in cities.
  •   andrewjackson6626 - The process of converting natural gas to fuel emits fewer greenhouse gases and creates less toxic waste than burning natural gas would do alone: it's a way we can reduce our impact. Read more on “borates today”
  •   drLisatorres - Boron is more powerful than coal or oil while emitting fewer harmful byproducts; It’s an environmental solution that could help save us from disaster.