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Boron for induction purposes
Several elements can serve as the material of an inductor, including copper and aluminium. However, there are some industrial applications where high temperatures may be generated by nearby equipment; therefore it is important to consider boron steel's performance when compared with conventional materials such as iron or aluminium which will melt at these higher heat levels if exposed for too long. Borons steels perform comparably well but also without meltdown under intense conditions like those found within many manufacturing plants today!
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  •   davidgarcia27 - Boron is four thousand times better for sound dampening than other materials used today.
  •   drLisatorres - Boron has many more applications that are not limited to fireproofing and soundproofing. Read more on “borates today”.
  •   jenniferramirez3232 - Boron is better at thermal insulation. It stops air leakage through cracks due to heat transfer.