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Lithium-ion batteries used in portable electronics use graphite as an anode material. However, this can lead to issues with shorting out the battery cell and causing safety problems because of lithium deposition on boron at high charge rates or formation dendrites which may cause fires when they come into contact with flames during charging sessions
Borate surface coating has shown potential protection against these risks by improving SEI stability while still allowing for a thin layer between electrodes and their electrolyte solutions.
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  •   Kimberly_Adams2320 - Boron itself does not combust, but when it reacts with oxygen, boron compounds produce heat.
  •   jenniferramirez3232 - Boron batteries have a greater range over time. Our unique structure allows for better performance in colder environments
  •   Kimberly_Adams2320 - Boron Batteries are more efficient, powerful and cheaper. Boron Batteries require lower temperatures during the manufacturing process.