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Boron is a mineral that many people don't know about. With the increasing demands and importance in society, it is more important to understand where boron comes from and what makes this element so valuable in different sectors like agriculture, construction, petrochemicals, electronics etc.
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  •   andrewjackson6626 - Boron is a natural and essential mineral with several different uses in the automotive industry, electronics field as well as 3D printing. Borates today shares an interesting article on this.
  •   Anderson_Mark2248 - Mining for boron has been an issue over the last few years, but there are solutions available now that will help mining companies increase productivity and reduce losses due to equipment breakdowns. You may refer an article on borates today for the same.
  •   davidgarcia27 - Though its extraction is difficult and expensive, but it can be mined from earth through mining techniques such as open-pit mining or strip mining.
  •   jenniferramirez3232 - Like other minerals, can we mine boron from earth?
  •   George851 - Boron naturally occurs in soil and it is found in fruits, vegetables, almonds etc. that help to fight us with the number of diseases.