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When it comes to the environmental impact of household cleaners, do you know boron options? This element can be found in homes and industries in the form of detergents for dishes or clothes.
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  •   Campbell_Carol - The main role of boron is to support the decentralized economy by investing in renewable energy initiatives. Visit “borates today” to know more in detail.
  •   Anderson_Mark2248 - Not only this, boron is becoming popular with the advancement in technologies. It is used in electrical vehicles, power backups, energy storage and fertilisers.
  •   jessicaallen33 - Boron has many roles in our everyday lives. This is used in the manufacture of bricks and provide hardness and strength to glass, ceramics, metal alloys like aluminium and steel.
  •   davidgarcia27 - Boron is proven to be anti-corrosive element, hence it is used to clean and resist corrosion on metal surfaces.