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Determine how God’s Unchained, Ethereum’s greatest-grossing TCG, made its splendid entry onto the Epic Games Store, opening up to over 230M PC users.

The top-grossing Ethereum trading card game, Gods Unchained, has made its victorious entry into the Epic Games Store, announced by leading web3 game developer and publisher Immutable Games. The Web3 gaming community will undoubtedly be on edge following this recent development.

A Place Among the Prominent Names in Digital TCG:

Gods Unchained is now considered to be on par with other titans of the online Trading Card Games (TCG) industry, such as Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, and Legends of Runeterra.

The Epic Game Store player base presently consists of approximately 230 million PC users, greatly expanding Gods Unchained's potential audience.

God’s Unchained Executive Producer - “Daniel Paez” Words:

Daniel told that, It is impossible to overestimate the significance of Gods Unchained's launch on the Epic Games Store, one of the largest PC gaming marketplaces in the world.

Furtherly he says, "It is a logical progression of our journey and fulfils our commitment to our community to keep bringing Gods Unchained to a new and varied player base,".

A Fascinating Year of God’s Unchained:

The Gods Unchained team provided a sneak preview of their ambitious roadmap for 2023 after the launch. Pre-alpha testing for the Android mobile game was very successful for the development team, who had more than 60,000 gameplay and design sessions in a single month.

Later this year, they intend to give the game a soft launch on iOS and Android smartphones.

Additionally, The much-awaited "Sealed" game mode is also being introduced, making Gods Unchained the first Web3 TCG to include this functionality.

Engaging the Community and Improving the Gaming Experience:

The Gods Unchained crew has a strong focus on public involvement. When their new content creator programme launches soon Players will be able to capture their favourite gaming memories, share them with the community, and earn token rewards.

To increase user interaction, they are changing their pack opening operator from a video hosting pack opening experience to a WebGL one for more interactions across all devices, including mobile.

Ending Thoughts:

Gods Unchained shows how these two distinct game worlds can coexist by integrating blockchain technology while keeping their attraction to the traditional gaming community. It is establishing a setting where gaming is combined with the recognition of private property rights made possible by blockchain.

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